" you heard jay shetty & sadhguru talk about meditation "

now let an experienced master guide you there

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First Session

1200 hrs - 1315 hrs

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0830 hrs - 0945 hrs


1730 hrs - 1845 hrs


0730 hrs - 0845 hrs

Second Session

2030 hrs - 2115 hrs

indian standard time

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1600 hrs

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1700 hours

US East Coast 1100 hrs

US West Coast 0800 hrs

Offer expires on 4th May 2020

" while most influencers can talk about meditation , very few can actually guide you in meditation and reveal the path "

Kenny dewan

Meet Master Vidhi Chhariya, a lead authority in Buddhist Vippassna meditaiton , a world renowned therapist and certified yoga professional.

Specially known for his simple ways of teaching therapy and meditation, Vidhi leads workshops & classes, online therapy appointments in more than 42 countries across the globe. He is a great master to unravel the science behind healing and yoga. Today his organization Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga is amongst the top therapy and meditation schools in India and across the globe.

Once signed up you will get access to his one week workshop on meditation (in the comfort of your home 75 mins everyday) tailored to meet needs of different time-zones, where Vidhi will talk 15 minutes on importance of various practices, 15 minutes Calming breath practice, 30-45 minutes of Buddhist meditation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

With more than 25 years of personal practice these sessions are not ordinary meditation guidance from non qualified professionals across the internet but a very focussed session that will teach you the art of letting go, calming the mind down and regularising the breath in times of panic.

Today our students & clients range from therapists, yoga teachers, white house professianals, ceo's, doctors and people from all walks of life.