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The Ayurveda Workshop

Updated: May 9, 2022

A Special feature on skin, hair & beauty issues

In the fast-paced life of today - it is impossible for us to assimilate or collect information on every little thing that is needed by us in our daily lives. Just when we become independent and good at our work, a lot of times our health suffers and we don't know who to turn to. In such times a concise workshop that brings precious secrets or hacks or shortcuts of a subject like Ayurveda proves to be of immense value to everyone who needs it - but may not possess years of experience on a subject such as Ayurveda. In its various modules - for example, in Skin Hair Module our therapist leads you in an understanding of Ayurveda as a healing discipline and furthers your knowledge by sharing pure secrets of how to cure or heal problems of the Skin Hair to Beauty and Aging without any help from the modern chemical-filled medicines or lotions. Some of the cures, treatments discussed can not even be found in books, google or even with well-known modern-age Ayurveda Doctors

Ayurveda Workshop on Hair, Skin and Beauty
Ayurveda workshop

What exactly is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving ancient science of life and natural medicine coming from India. The concept of Ayurveda is based on an inherent understanding that we all our parts and particles of the ever-pervasive Universe in and around us. We are made up of the very same elements that the rest of the environment and Universe are created with. Namely these elements are

a. Air

b. Space or Ether

c. Fire

d. Earth

e. Water

Unlike in modern-day chemistry where we classify everything in terms of elements of the periodic table - Indian Yogis used a much simpler way of understanding everything in the universe and how everything operates on basis of the above-listed elements.

While these elements exist in our body, they combine with each other to form Imbalances or Doshas in the Sanskrit language.

Why is the combination of these elements called doshas?

Simply because once combined - they maintain a certain ratio to each other. If this ratio is disturbed, this can cause a disease or imbalance in the body relating to that dosha.

The combination of element Air + Space creates a dosha called Vata Dosha or Vata Imbalance

Combination of Earth + Water create a dosha called Kapha Dosha or Kapha Imbalance

Combination of Air with itself or Air + Water is called Pitta Dosha or Pitta Imbalance

Now typically in a healthy or balanced state the ratio between these elements is 1:4:2

If this ratio is disturbed because Vata for example becomes 2 instead of 1 then the human body will start displaying some or all the diseases of the Vata kind depending on the genetic makeup of the person.

Similarly, instead of Vata, the Pitta or the Kapha may be out of balance giving each one of us a dominating element in certain periods of life and affecting our health accordingly. The role of the good Ayurveda practitioner is to understand which element is out of balance and how can he/she use something in Nature outside of the human body in order to bring balance to this Dosha.

Sometimes people may exhibit an imbalance of 2 elements or all three elements in which case the Ayurveda doctor will recommend you something in nature that will help you pacify these elements altogether. It must be noted that the elements can be brought back into balance not merely by Ayurveda but also through Pranayama ( breath yoga ) , asanas ( exercises ), and Meditation techniques. One should seek the guidance of a Guru or a teacher who is well versed with the topic. Just popping Ayurveda tablets or pills without understanding the root cause may just as be useless.

Is natural medicine the same as Ayurveda

Yes. In its essence all-natural medicine would come under the umbrella of Ayurveda since the science of Ayurveda is also known as the Science of Life where the mere goal of this practice is to bestow good health - by using something in Mother Nature to bring balance to the dosha imbalance. This is exactly what most Nature therapists do without understanding or classifying their knowledge as Ayurveda.

Ayurveda employs various herbs and spices known in the Indian subcontinent to classify the disease and then restore balance upon the understanding of the doshas that makes the disease happen.

It is important to understand that to benefit most from the knowledge of Ayurveda, one must research in their own country and city, under guidance from natural herbalists, who can guide you on understanding what herbs or plants can bring healing to the body in their natural environment. Not all medicines coming from the Indian subcontinent may work on a western body if the context or the weather being lived in - may not be the same.

how is the workshop helpful to me ?

The workshop on beauty and skin covers the cure and treatment of the following issues in detail

1. Dandruff Cure in 3 days

2. Hair Fall and Hair Thinning

3. Grey Hair

4. Pimples and Skin Problems

5. Cure for Tinnitus

6. Cure for Dry Eyes

7. Tooth Pain and Tooth Problems

8. Dry and Rough Skin

9. Wrinkles

10. Anti Aging Breath Yoga and Treatments

11. Cure for Spondalytis

12. How to increase immunity

13. Balancing Doshas through diet change

14. Sinusitis Issues

15. Definite Cure to Snoring in 15 days

16. Preventing Stretch Marks during pregnancy

17. Removing Burn Marks

18. Removing any skin marks even those from childhood.

19. Discussion around weight gain and metabolism

20. Important Natural Vitamins and minerals for Hair and Skin issues.

A lot of information contained in this workshop are secret hacks of Ayurveda discussed by the therapist in this workshop are as a result of more than 2 decades of research in this specific subject and topic. Many of our previous recipients spent lots and lots of money on either fixing or healing these issues or related problems before they could even come close to someone telling them what their root cause was and how to fix it, timely and effectively.

The information shared in this workshop is far more valuable than the price of this workshop, if used and followed correctly under the advice of our therapist.

Users can benefit from these simple cures and avoid expensive treatments that take both time and money - and are usually temporary.

Leave us a comment if you would like to be a part of this amazing workshop on Ayurveda Secrets. If you would like to attend the same kindly click on Register Now and send us an email confirming your presence in an upcoming workshop and we will guide you with the booking process.

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