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Massage at Home Delhi

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Rated top therapy centre - Doorstep Service in delhi

Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga is a zero carbon footprint organization that does not use spa space. 

Since 2013 we have been felicitated by numerous international awards in the field of treatments and therapies. We teach therapies exclusively in some of our week long retreat programs around the world. 

We are not a typical Spa where you come to us. We come to you so that after therapy you can rest in the luxury of your own space undisturbed by traffic, pollution, sounds or electronic interference. All therapies are administered doorstep in the convenience of your home or hotel room. After the therapy is finished the therapist leaves and you are meant to rest for at least 30 minutes. This allows the excess energy in the body to settle and rebalance itself. 

Throughout the year we get booked out quite soon, we thus, request you to book well in advance by writing to us.

Best Massage Spa Delhi 2021

Shakti Tantra 


Can you imagine a powerful sensory experience that leaves you relaxed, rejuvenated and energized all at the same time. Originally created and taught by the Master, this is a full-body oil treatment where one is left in an alpha state of high, with the body recharging and healing at rapid rates. 

Many who have experienced this massage have reported after-effects lasting from a few days to weeks and sometimes even months. Very few in the world are authorized to administer this massage which is a magical mix of ancient practices of Ayurveda, Thai, Kundalini energy and Tantra. 

Come experience the magic of a 3-dimensional massage that works on body, emotions, and mind to give you an experience like never before. Clients from around the globe come down to get this special experience that comes recommended through travel journals or reference of close friends. 

If you are not comfortable with touch or body exposure seek our Head, Foot and Spinal massage to reacharge the body. 

Massage at Home Delhi

" A high that is hard to put into words. Strong energy experience " - Eva G

" The massage is unlike anything I have ever experienced  " - Ronald P

" Immense healing energy and relaxation  " - Fiona R

" If you can relax, the massage can take you in a totally different dimension  " - Roberta 

Reiki Healing Top Spa



Whatever exists in the body exists in the energy field of a living being. The body has the ability to heal itself. Cleansing diseased energy & energizing the aura/chakras accelerates this process.

This is a special 60-minute non-touch therapy, where the therapist scans your bio-electromagnetic field known as Aura, followed by scanning 17 energy centres called Chakras and identifying which energy centres are blocked depleted or congested. Following the scan, the therapist cleanses each chakra, re - energises chakras & concludes the session by creating a powerful protection field to keep you safe from external negative energy. In Reiki we merely energise chakras. However here we actually scan aura, chakras, identify blockages , remove them before energising them. 


How do I know it works  ? - As a receiver heals they experience a deep state of sleepiness. It can sometimes be very hard to keep the eyes open. Post therapy we recommend clients to rest in bed for at least 30 minutes without any cell or any electronic devices. 


Who is it for ? - Just about anyone. If you are emotionally exhausted, physically tired, jet-lagged, have anxiety, fears, unsettled, or want to experience healing. When the energy field is cleansed and energised, the body relaxes and feels healed. For anyone having long term problems, we recommend taking multiple sessions or engage in a Transcendental Session. 


Kindly take a shower before the therapy. 

Is it Reiki ?  It is a much more advanced system than Reiki.


Top Reiki Spa centre 2021

" Almost magical. Sanjiv came to my hotel room and after therapy I slept so relaxed and like a baby " - Florian

" Flying in from the US, I had troubles adjusting to Delhi. Two sessions just fixed the whole time zone shift  " - Aditi B

" I must learn this. I was having great anxiety for my exams and once the therapist finished, it was all gone. Amazing "-Raoul L 

Mental Therapy Delhi



Feeling blocked, burnt out, stressed, depressed, exhausted. Unable to achieve that which you seek. Are you stuck in repeated cycles of bad relationships, mental or physical health, affected by trauma or abuse ?


Have you been seeing a therapist for some time now, a yoga teacher or  shaman and still hoping to heal or find answers?


A success rate of 98% healing, within 8 months - this is a one-on-one session with the Master Vidhi through Skype. In its setting, feel and look it may come across as a psychotherapy session, but one with an eastern approach. This is an accelerated healing system, that saves time in the long run and is perfect for people ready to heal & make a change now. Rated as a top mental therapy session in US Zurich, Greece and more than 40 countries, we have worked with thousands of people across the world. 

 This is a perfect session for those who can't find healing or a clear solution to what is repeating in life and are seeking clarity, guidance and a desire to heal Now. A single session may last up to several hours at a stretch but it's a powerful experience where the master transcends into your consciousness to understand the cycles of suffering, you may have created and how to uncreate them through a life-guiding approach that can help you see things in a new light. The follow up sessions, can last from 1-2 hours. 

The master uses his meditative abilities to listen & enter your energy field to seek root issues and help you find your answers. The master takes into account the holistic approach of body, mind & emotions while guiding. This can last several hours. All solutions given are natural and come from the Eastern practice of Ayurveda, meditation & Yoga. 

Charged by the running hour, it can be scheduled, depending on the availability of the Master. Most psychologists seek this session with the Master. Please ensure you have at least 5 hours available if you are booking this session.  To organize this session we need to clear out the whole day for our lead therapist. 80% of clients finish their engagement with us, within 6 months of the first session. 

Transcendental Session Awaken Inner Buddha

The master has a gift. Sleeplessness , anxiety , snoring , depression, all fixed naturally " - Johana

" I have been going to a therapist for years and yet a session with Vidhi changed my whole world " - Paula P

" If you need help in life , this is the best place to start.   " - Leo A. 

" I have done Iowaska, psycho therapists, yoga gurus and yet this session was a game changer "-David  

" Great combination of Buddhist Meditation with eastern Psychotherapy   " - Jeevan S

Distance Healing



Whatever exists in the body exists in the energy field of a living being. The body has the ability to heal itself. Cleansing diseased energy & energizing the aura/chakras accelerates this process.

This is a special session designed for everyone familiar with the concept of Distance Healing and needs immediate help for themselves or for the health of a loved one.

Today Corona has proved to be not only unpredictable and dangerous by the way of its multiple strains but also a rapidly increasing cause of fear and scare. Like all medicines and traditional systems of healing that push the body to activate its immune system against a residential disease or virus, Distance Healing gives you that extra energy from our therapist to kick or boost that immune system, into quick recovery or healing , when nothing else seems to be helping or working. 

The Master or the Therapist assigned works with a Recent Photograph of the recipient and using the same, scans their Aura, their energy centers, removes diseased energy and re energizes the chakras . Like all medicinal system, this can help or give a last minute boost to ones energy system - to heal the body . 


Distance Reiki

" Almost magical. My mother was in ICU for a week and then Master did 2 healings and within a couple of days her vitals started improving " - Devyani C

" Sometimes you need everything possible to help. This really helped. Thank you so much   " - Daniel R

" Just to know , someone like the Master is sending you energy can have an amazing effect on ones mind body and mental strength. I have worked with him earlier. Totally worth it . "- Farouq L 

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