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"We are merely the medium of teachings and blessings of many enlightened souls through time. We hope to pass them to you in its purity, the knowledge that comes to us through the experience of such classical practices. May all beings be Happy "  - Master Vidhi


Our Biggest Source of Inspiration

Of all the enlightened men that walked on the planet the enlightenment of Buddha was the most relevant to mankind, since his awakening led to the enlightenment of many others during his lifetime and even after his death.

"Buddha" is the enlightened one that has answers to everything. Prince Siddhartha later known as Buddha revealed that this supreme intelligence "inner Buddha" resides in each one of us and needs to be awakened through the direct observation of self, leading to purification of mind and freedom from suffering.

His practice of meditation also known as Vipassana is our founding practice for teaching yoga as well as doing therapy work. Come explore the power of this simple but elevating meditation.

Buddha in Meditation Posture

lord shiva

Giver of Knowledge of Yoga

In the history of Yoga there are two thoughts that persist. Historical thought & Mythological thought.

If the origins of Yoga on earth can be attributed to any god or mythological deity then Lord Shiva would be it. One of the 3 main gods, of the Hindu system of life , Lord Shiva is also referred to as the first Big Yogi (Maha Yogi) who brought the knowledge of Yoga on the planet and passed it on the the seven saints (Sapt-Rishis) who passed it on to mankind generation by generation.

Chanting of Om or meditating on any Shiva Chants can be a very powerful spiritual experience. Its important to see Shiva as not a human being but as a certain energy of Universe that maintains balance. Though portrayed in human forms Hindu deities represent certain energies of Universe that can be aroused through chanting or praying.

Lord Shiva First Adiyogi in Hindu Mythology


Saint and Author of Yoga Sutras

In history of Yoga, Saint Patanjali is the only person that seem to feature in the mythological thought as well as the historical thought.

The oldest and most relevant text which lays the foundation principles of what yoga is , has been written by Patanjali in his book called Yogasutras approximately 2000 - 2500 years ago.


Mythology says Patanjali was reincarnation of Sheshnaag ( the serpent that Lord Vishnu rests upon) and he pleased Vishnu to be sent on Earth , so that he could do something for mankind for which he could be remembered. Lord Vishnu blessed him and in this avatar, he wrote the most relevant text on Yoga called Yoga Sutras. In this text he laid down the principle of Ashtanga or 8 legs of Yoga, which defines what Yoga is.

Sage Patanjanli _ First Yogi to Pen down Yoga Sutras

s.n. goenka

Reverend Guru & Source of Buddhist Meditation

Vippassna - or the ability to look at reality as it is, without any reaction , was taught originally by Buddha and lost over time until the original teachings were brought back from Burma by S.N. Goenka to India and then the rest of the world. In deep gratitude for his teachings, his efforts and work to spread the seed of Vippassna meditation in its purest sense.


His work remains our biggest modern day inspiration. We encourage all who come to us, may also learn the practice of meditation at any of the 10 day course centers of Vippassna by going to


"May all beings be Happy & Free of Suffering"

S. N. Goenka Vipassana Teacher and Guru

b.k.s. iyengar

Most profound Yoga Guru / Therapist

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and to endure that which can not be cured"

In the current times if someone can claim to take physical therapeutic Yoga to its pinnacle, where every disease of the body and every deformity could be corrected or healed, then B.K.S Iyengar would top this list as a Guru, Yoga asana teacher & a scientist of Yoga.


He invented the concept of precise alignment, and the use of props to achieve alignment and heal the body. He brought a whole new level of understanding to asanas & body through his practice of hatha yoga called in his style as Iyengar Yoga. Even at the age of 95 when he died he was practicing asanas.


We salute you, Guru Ji.

BKS Iyengar the foundation authority on therapeutic Yoga


Profound Yoga Guru & Author on several texts on Yoga

A medical doctor by professional and proficient in 3 different languages including Sanskrit and English, Swami Sivananda hailed from South India and had at very early age, realisations of spirituality in him.


After finishing his degree in modern medicine, he soon moved to Rishikesh, in his yearning for practice of yoga and meditation.  He translated a lot of ancient Sanskrit texts into English including Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. His profound spiritual practices drew many from India and abroad to learn yoga and meditation under his blessings.


Today the top Yoga schools including Bihar Yoga School as well as Sivananda centers around the world and India are all founded by his direct disciples.

Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh
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