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" Yoga Retreats are not a spiritual novelty or conquest, but a powerful tool to plunging inside one's own existence and subconscious. Take this opportunity, embrace it with earnestness and trust. This is your chance " 

With the emergence of wellness as a segment, more and more people are taking this beautiful opportunity to work upon themselves in meditation and yoga programs that are tailored especially to, calm your mind, help you gain focus and work with your physical body to achieve your best and removing negative cycles of thoughts and feelings that hold you back. 


Rated top in the world since 2014 consistently until last year, Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga has been awarded multiple international accolades in the field of Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Retreats. Our programs are intense, meaningful, effective yet easy to understand led by Master Vidhi. 

While most retreats are nothing but yoga holidays - where you get a customary yoga class morning evening for fun, our award winning Yoga Retreat - The Alchemist is actually designed to help you dive deeper in to your being, shed the layers of negative blockages you may be holding and emerge into a New You, who has learned to awaken the INNER BUDDHA - that guides us from within. One of the only Yoga Retreat courses to have a dedicated focus on Meditation, everyday we take you into practices such as Yogic breath work ( pranayama ), physical Asanas, to expand and restore your flexibility, Buddhist meditation known as Vipassana, healing technique more powerful than Reiki called Chakra Healing, as well as regenerative food diet. 

With customers in more than 40 countries, our clients keep coming back every year for the meditation yoga program that in their word, surpasses any other they have ever attended. 

Every aspect of a Yoga meditation Retreat is carefully chosen, from food, to locations, to content that is relevant and helps everyone develop a strong practice by themselves with due guidance on simple Ayurveda principles of food and water to help us recover from the most basis lifestyle diseases, today. 

The Alchemist program is specifically designed to discover the inner Buddha, awaken it, and learn more about yourself, your energies and channel them in a whole new way, to not only discover your problems and root causes, but create a new future understanding well, that what lies in the mind, gets reflected into our lives. Learn life hacks from Ayurveda to treat diseases and imbalances in the most simplest ways and learn the whole new art of working with bio electric energy field around human body known as Aura, while cleansing the Chakras and creating protective shields. If you ever had any spinal issues, or frequent back pains - this is a perfect program to learn more about back pain and heal any such issues on a permanent basis. Learn understand Yoga much beyond the western view of Physical Asanas, and go beyond. Come awaken your Inner Buddha, in the best Yoga Meditation Retreat of 2021 that you can find across, America, Europe or Asia. 


Click on the links above to discover our programs. Most of our programs  are conducted in micro groups of upto 8 people. It is imperative thus, that if you find a program that suits your dates, you make a booking as soon as possible. 


Experience Required to attend the Retreat 

All levels are welcome. 

From a beginner to an experienced practitioner, our programs have a lot to offer for everyone. Most therapists as well as yoga teachers who attend our programs, want to spend some down time, going deep into meditation while learning energy work. Most working professionals who are mild to beginner experience in Yoga,  come in order to discover ever, while take a break and reset their energies. 


Others come to discover,  how to beat stress, heal themselves and learn to be free from Suffering.  

What kind of Yoga is taught ? 

We focus a lot on classical therapeutic Yoga practice without trying to use any names about type of Yoga being practised. A lot of our physical practice of Yoga is inspired by BKS Iyengar practice of Hatha Yoga, that focuses a lot on accuracy of postures, alignment and using of props in order to expand our bodies and create space and balance. This is combined with advance breath work using bandhas or energy locks, combined with 3 hours of Buddhist meditation everyday. ​

If you want to know more about types of yoga then click here to read more 

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