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master vidhi chhariya

mind & body therapist, zen maestro, yoga teacher, life coach

" We are constantly seeking happiness outside of our selves and never finding it. Have you looked within? " - Master

A leading therapist, zen maestro, certified yoga teacher, corporate consultant, and a global traveler. 

Lovingly known as Master, Vidhi has a warm radiant personality that has a calming and healing effect the moment one experiences his physical presence.


Introduced to subjects of meditation and yoga in 1987, even as a child and young adult - master has explored various practices of meditation and energy healing techniques. From praying to chanting mantras, visualizations, kundalini meditation and yoga, reiki meditation everything seemed to change for him, the moment he was exposed to a 10 days Vipassana meditation course. In his understanding, Vipassana (meditation of the Buddha)  was a turning point in exploring the subject of Self and Mind. In later years he was exposed to subjects such as Tantra and many other forms of physical healing ranging from Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Tantric bodywork, Aura healing, Ayurveda & nutrition. His own revelations in the deep practice of Vipassna became his foundation learning model for healing & energy work. 


As time passed his formal education in Commerce and Economics, led him to work in the Corporate domain working for names such as Dell, Microsoft and managing outsourced businesses for leading global banks. In 2007 he founded an IT startup to help develop the healthcare scene in India - the failure of which led him to leave his corporate career behind and taking on what came most naturally to him - healing others, spirituality and sharing this knowledge with others. This became the origin of Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga. 


A modern-day practitioner,  few in the world can claim to have his range of experience in life, corporate sector, as well as the subjects of meditation or therapy. While most yoga teachers & healers propagate one way of healing the human body, what makes Master unique is he likes to work and address all aspects of a person. 

Emotional health - Mental health - Physical body - Energy Body - Food - Water 


In 2008, the first teachings happened in Olso, where the master was mostly teaching teachers and therapists across Europe and later created programs for people from all walks of life. In his own words, he loves teaching the Science behind Yoga and Healing. He encourages people to ask questions and seek answers to that which seems to be a faith based domain. 


Vidhi has led classes and workshops in more than 42 countries across the Globe. Under his guidance, the organization has received several global recognitions and awards ranging from the best Retreat programs to Service excellence in the field of therapy and Yoga. 

In current times, he is also popularly known as a master therapist - who conducts a unique Mental therapy system originating in Eastern practices known as Transcendental Session. Several people who have worked with him from across the globe have seen life changing transformations within a period of few months. Where traditional western mental therapy failed - Vidhi was able to help people heal from ailments such as anxiety, depression, lack of self love, low self esteem, insomnia which the western world seems to have no concrete answers to. All this using natural methods originating in Ayurveda and Yoga.


Apart from being a therapist and guide on meditation and yoga - Vidhi also formulated the Healing Massage ( a unique mind body experience ) that is taught personally by him on demand in retreats. This massage has components from Thai massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic treatments, Chakra healing work and shift of Tantric energy. Most recipients describe it as the most unique experience they have ever had with after effects ranging from a day to several weeks to almost a year as well. His therapies have received several accolades and he is the choice therapist for people who are therapists themselves from psychologists to massage therapists. His clients range from White House officials to leading scientists, doctors, people from film and media as well as people from common walks of life. 


Workshops led by Vidhi are all about the practical uses of exercises and asanas in order to strengthen the spinal column, healing incorrect postures and lead a person into the mind through Buddhist meditation. His programs also educate participants on the classical practice and philosophy of Yoga. 

Whether you experience him in a one on one session, or a class or in person as a friend - you will see how he radiates what he believes in the most “ May all beings be happy. May all beings be free of suffering “.


He spends eight to nine months in Europe and Northern Africa and roughly four months in India. 

Book a one on one session online or in-person with Master today. 

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