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Yoga Meditation Program Near me

In more than 42 countries across the Globe, ever year we conducts Yoga Meditation Retreats and Programs ranging from a Two hours Yoga Class, to 6 hours Half Day Workshops on the philosophy of Yoga/Meditation/Enlightenment and Patanjali Sutras, to 1 week Yoga Program for Back Pain. Besides this we also provide one-on-one therapies, with the Master such as Transcendental Sessions, Healing Massage therapy and Chakra Healing work.  

We mostly cover North Africa, Europe and Balkans region during the summer time. 

If you are looking for a specific program, be it a 1 week program on Back Pain Management or a 6 Hours Half Day Workshop on the Philosophy of Yoga, and have a group of people who will be willing to join the same, then reach out to us and we can organize the same. 

What Countries do we cover in Summer Time

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Montenegro, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Tunisia, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Nepal, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Greece, Austria



Know more about our Programs​

a. 2 hours Yoga Meditation Class 

This is a great introduction to discovering the classical practice of Yoga and Meditation. Mostly led by Master Vidhi, this program starts with a little talk on Yoga followed by warm-up exercises, then 12 basic asanas in order to expand the body and boost the lower chakras or the energy centres. After this, the teacher leads you into mind quietening breath work also known as Pranayama practice, which then leads into the practice of Buddhist Meditation called Vipassana and then the practice of energy healing called Metta.


First timers usually get the experience of something that they have usually never ever experienced before. A calming of the mind and soul, while energising of the entire body and stillness of the mind. 

b. 6 Hours - Half Day Yoga Meditation Workshop 

If you ever wanted to know what Yoga as a subject is - if you ever had questions around spirituality or the beginning of Yoga and who Yogis were, what is enlightenment, how do I know what kind of Yoga should I practice, what is meditation, and what is the classical practice of Yoga including knowing more about the Sage Patanjali who is credited for writing the first dedicated text on Yoga called the Yoga Sutras or questions on Buddhist Meditation or Buddha or his discovery on becoming enlightened or what is Ashtanga Yoga - then this is the program to go for. 

In a 6 hours program, where time just seems to disappear - in almost 4 hours Master Vidhi answers all these questions and much more. Everything and a lot that probably most Yoga Teacher Trainings also do not cover, there is no program like this in the entire world. The philosophy of Yoga condensed to give you a greater understanding on what your path must look like - this program is an absolute essential for anyone wanting to know more about Yoga from a teacher from India and having an experience of more than 25 years. 

The class culminates in a 2 hours class which covers, asanas, pranayama as well as Buddhist meditation in order to give you a taste of the subject that is discussed. 

c. One Week Back Pain Management Program

This is a very special program and possibly the only 1 week program on Yoga therapy for the Back, Meditation, as well as learning all about how back problems can be managed, understanding the root of spinal issues, breaking the medical myth of Back Pain can not be cured only managed and looking deep into therapeutic exercises from Yoga that can not only give you relief, but also help you cure back pain in a period of 18-24 months. What makes this program unique is - here we address - not only important exercises from the Iyengar Yoga system, but most importantly we share the root causes, food and diet that plays a big role in healing from back pain issues over a period of time, and improving over all flexibility of the body and calming the mind from daily stress, anxieties and fear. 

What months of treatments and years of drug treatments can not achieve - going the western medicine way - this program manages to achieve within 7 days, through an intense routine where a class lasts almost 3 hours every day. The participants, have to continue with the practice for atleast 6 months to make a critical difference. 

d. Alchemist Retreat - One Week Yoga Meditation Retreat 

An Award winning Yoga Meditation Retreat usually titled The Alchemist Program, this is an intense but powerfully rewarding program that helps with not only mastering Yoga sequence, but also learning how to awaken you Inner Buddha, learning the art of Healing ( similar to Reiki ) but much more powerful by learning about Aura, Chakras and Pranic energy flow. 

The residential program, helps us to give your mind and body a very specific discipline of Yoga ( much like the Yogis did in classical times ) along with exposing you to our most powerful, Regenerative Food Diet, that will ensure better digestive health and enhanced energy levels. For making the experience powerful, we try to keep our groups really small - so mostly we accept upto only 8 applications. 

What do you take home - Strong therapeutic Yoga practice, learn Buddhist meditation, Pranayama practice to help slowdown aging, Regenerative Food Diet and learning Reiki like energy healing technique knows as Chakra Healing. 

Therapies we can offer at Home​

While we conduct our programs in various cities and countries, we also offer the following therapies 

1. Healing Massage Therapy

2. Chakra Healing Session

3. Transcendental Session ( Mental Therapy Work ) 

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