For several years in a row we have constantly been recognized by a lot of international organizations by way of awards in Service excellence for our therapies , international retreat programs, workshops and classes and being the top yoga school in India and Delhi.

Today inspired by us, a lot of new yoga teachers in Delhi are copying us, trying to teach much beyond asanas, trying to work on philosophy of Yoga or do classes in the open space such as  Lodhi Garden. If you are booking a session in New Delhi, please ensure that it is Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga that you are dealing and not someone who is pretending to be teaching in similar spaces. You can reach out to us on +919891002141 with your booking details.

We strive to challenge the industrial and commercial way of how Yoga is being taught and make it more a subject of the mind than just a subject of the physical asanas. We strive to teach more therapy work through our programs and spread healing through our programs around the world.

"May all beings be Happy, May all beings be Free of Suffering"

2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019  - We have continuously won Awards of Excellence, year on year,  from Tripadvisor, for excellence in therapy, best Yoga School in Delhi, International retreat programs, and top Yoga workshops and classes conducted in India and abroad. 

2017/2018/2019 - We have been recipients of Luxury Travel Guide awards for the Best international programs and retreats conducted across the world. 

2017/2018/2019 - We have been recipients of Global Pharma Awards for Excellence in Alternative Therapy, Meditation, Yoga programs in more than 40 countries around the world. 

Countless other awards have been bestowed upon our team, that we merely see as a recognition of our honest effort in spreading the classical teachings of Yoga.