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Awaken Inner Buddha Meditation Yoga



The word " Buddha" simply refers to the one who knows all, the Supreme Enlightened being or consciousness.


Prince Siddharta ( later known as Buddha ) believed that everyone has the enlightened being within, which in most humans stays in a Sleeping state unless awakened through Suffering or exploring the path of meditation. Looking deep within, observing the self without any Reaction is the key to awaken the inner Buddha. 


With the belief that everyone has the potential to awaken the inner Buddha - this project was born in 2008, out of a passion for sharing the wisdom of Buddha, ancient texts and sages, the project was brought to life as a mission to spread the classical teachings of Buddhist meditation, Healing & Yoga. 


Founded and led by Master Vidhi Chhariya - the teachings first happened in Oslo, Norway in 2008, followed by several other countries and cities on his personal visit to Europe. Inspired to share the wisdom and knowledge of Yoga and Healing techniques as a means to meet people along the way & expose them to Indian culture - the concept came to life with this instrumental trip. Several years later we teach classes, do workshops & retreats and provide healing therapies and its training in more than 40 countries around the world, with headquarters in New Delhi, India. 


Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga is the only organization to teach Buddhist Meditation coupled with classical concepts of Yoga without creating new names for Yoga. A chosen few , we are a team of 10 teachers & therapists


Today we are recognized globally by several awards in the field of yoga retreats & healing and spa therapies. Master is a leading authority on Zen meditation, Therapy and classical approach of Yoga.

Chakras, Best Yoga Meditation India



What used to be a subject of Sages and Mystics of Himalayas is today a booming industry worldwide. There is no dearth of Yoga studios or Yoga teachers around the world. So what's wrong with the way we are consuming Yoga? 


Yoga is a deep subject more like an ocean, of man's highest (god) potential realized through yogic practices. Today this subject has been industrialized in 30 day TTC courses and the soul of Yoga is lost. 


The subject is merely seen as a cool fashionable form of exercise to work the body & stretch it to attain physical and mental health without many even knowing how to enter the mind. 

Asanas - which merely represent 12.5% of  Yoga as a discipline has been misunderstood to be Yoga. Yoga is a lonely and mental practice to go deep into oneself through meditation. 


It is rare, to find schools or teachers that can teach any Real Single Meditation or guide students to advance into mind & meditation. Most merely dispel intellectual wisdom, pre-recorded meditations & mainly teach different styles of physical exercises. Meditation is the 75% Yoga practice we focus upon - we expose you to classical practice, learn through the experience of meditation. We teach you to go beyond meditation into the mystic realm of practices such as Chakra healing or Energy work. 




are we different

Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga Meditation





One of the many energies, Sages could unlock and awaken through the deep practice of Yoga aka Meditation was the ability to Heal Oneself and also the ability to heal others through the medium of universal energy present all around us. 


Today what Science can prove in labs is less than 10% of what the Yogis have known through unlocking such powers. 


Today we teach Energy Healing & unique Healing Massage and explore some of these techniques with participants in retreats to understand the Bio Electromagnetic science of the human body and mind. 


Come experience treatments such as

- Back Pain 1 week workshop

- Chakra Healing technique 

- Healing Massage where we work with Tantra / Kundalini energy 

- Online Skype Sessions 

- Transcendental Therapy where the therapist transcends into your

mind and past consciousness to identify roots of cyclic problems and help you with life coaching that is deeply rooted in Buddhist meditation. Experience  holistic healing that addresses


Physical Body - Emotional Healing - Food & Water - Ayurveda Cures 

 Meditation - Energy Healing 


We conduct Healing and Transformation Retreats and 1 Week Back Pain Management programs, to bring the power and relevance of yoga and Ayurveda to the lives of participants. 



therapy & healing 

we offer yoga classes & therapies 

2 Hour Yoga Class / Available Online as well
6 hours Half Day Workshops / Available Online as well
1  week Back Pain Workshops,
1 week Alchemist Retreats,
Massage Treatment, 
Chakra Healing therapy, 
Mental therapy ( Transcendental Sessions ) / Available Online as well
1 Hour Buddhist Meditation Session  / Available Online as well
Yoga Tours in New Delhi and several other parts of the world.  

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