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Top Yoga Retreat Goa | India

YOGA Retreat  - Goa

The mind is everything. As one purifies the mind, one becomes free from all suffering 

Gautam Buddha

Top Yoga Retreat Goa 2023

# Top Yoga Meditation Retreat India 

25th Mar - 28th Mar 2021

Limited 10 seats only 

Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga
Essential life program , with roots in meditation

What is it 

4 Day 3 Night Reboot Program

This short retreat is a rare award-winning program that provides you the opportunity to kickstart your journey - into the self - free from all the stress of life work relationships and find that space to press your restart button. 

2020 has been tough and in many ways, it has shown us, how looking within, working with meditation and our physical body is so important for our mental and physical health. 

It is the only 20-hour program in the world, that actively combines Buddhist meditation, with active healing practice of yogic postures, understanding what are Chakras, and the Science of Yoga and Enlightenment. This is intended to be a reflection , into the self - into the journey of Awakening of our Inner Buddha - which otherwise may take thousands of lives, and rebirth and numerous suffering and pain. 

Yoga today, is an industry marked by physical trainers - laying a very physical impression of the subject that is mostly about mind and meditation. This program reveals the science behind the subject.

In this limited seat program, come absorb the benefits of meditation & yoga while rebooting your life again.

Who is it for

Curious to Awaken the Inner Buddha



Every path requires a certain readiness of life experiences. A maturity to face the self. This program works beautifully for those who have known suffering, loss, pain, insecurity, have been lost and yet found themselves, in strength and belief that comes from within. One who is seeking answers and method for reducing the suffering on the self. 


For all men & women, seeking a spiritual path, a meditation through which they can lead themselves into a safe space of strength, tranquility, and healing. For teachers therapists, seeking to strengthen their journey into the mind. Those seeking to understand spinal strengthening, back pain and more flexibility in their body and all about Aura & chakras. Seeking a no-nonsense logic-based spiritual path, that can help you get through every chaos in life. 


Best Yoga Retreat 2021
Stop Suffering, Start Healing 


The Alchemist is an award-winning life program that provides you the opportunity to search for the root of your life problems and helps you gently find your path going in life ahead, using tools coming from times of Buddha. 

It is the only 50-hour program that actively combines Buddhist meditation, with active healing practice of yogic postures, understanding Chakras and learning how to heal self, using Chakra healing. Every day it helps participants understand the self and the shed away layers of suffering pain and insecurity , resulting in what we know as awakening of inner Buddha. 

Asanas at Yoga Retreat

There is no other program, like this. 

Take Away

A Happy , Full of Inner Calm You

Learn to Awaken your Inner Buddha 


A simple & powerful meditation to stop suffering. 

Come question the philosophy of Yoga and learn the science behind the subject / instead of faith. 

Re-align your Spine using therapeutic Yogic Tools to manage back pain, enhance flexibility and much more. 


A happier, more calm & powerful You. 

Bonus knowledge of the life hacks of Ayurveda & the miraculous power of water to resolve 70% of diseases. 

A clear spiritual path, with due guidance

Learn about Chakras, Siddhis, scientific view of Enlightenment


—  Marie Pecker

“The weekend will just fly off, but if you have been seeking that inner space to discover peace , release pain, feel everything is ok, then this is the program. I already want to do it again"


Best Yoga Retreat


0500 hrs  Wake Up

0515  hrs  Morning Tea

0530 hrs  Morning Meditation ( 90 min ) 

0645 hrs  Morning Yogic Postures ( 90 min ) 

0815 hrs Breakfast 

0915 hrs Day Break-Can be used for Beach Walks, Stepping Out or Scheduling Therapies


1300 hrs Classes on Chakras / Philosophy of Yoga / Healing 

1500 hrs Yoga Meditation Session ( 120 mins ) 

1700 hrs - Break for Dinner  

1900 hrs  Meditation Class ( 60 mins ) 

2010 hrs  Questions

2100 hrs  Retire to Bed

20 Hours Program
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Pranayama Awaken Inner Buddha


Single Occupancy
4 Days, 3 Nights

Single Room

All Meals ( Veg - Vegan ) Freshly cooked 

Entire Awaken Program

Bonus Module on Ayurveda/Life Hacks

Shared Room
4Days, 3Nights

Dual Shared Room

All Meals ( Veg - Vegan ) Freshly cooked 

Entire Awaken Program

Bonus Module on Ayurveda/Life Hacks

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Inner Peace at Yoga Meditation Retreat
Learn Buddhist Meditation


May be arranged on Demand 

Flights to/from Goa, India

Transport to/from Retreat Space *

1 on 1 Therapy ( can be scheduled onsite )*

Any meals outside of Retreat premises

Health/Travel Insurance 

Available to Buy *

For additional 200 Euros 

4 Hours Transcendental Session with Master 

6 Follow Up exclusive emails within 6 months

Two 30 mins follow up 1 on 1 session

An audio recording of meditation & class

* Must be bought before beginning of retreat

Reaching Yoga Meditation Retreat Goa

Reaching there 

The property is called THE BEACH HOUSE, GOA on the SERNABATIM BEACH. This is a dedicated Yoga property designed to host retreats  & residential programs on wellness. Please write to us and we can help you with organizing a pickup from the airport , if we have the correct flight and arrival time details. This is a on demand service.

Hear the Master talk about our retreat programs

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