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Transcendental Session

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Accelerated Mental Therapy - an Eastern Practice


The mind is everything. As one purifies the mind, one becomes free from all suffering 

Gautam Buddha

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 Top Place for Mental Healing & Peace

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What is it ?

A Breakthrough in Self Work - Effective, Time Saving, Powerful

Welcome to the Transcendental Session - a transformative journey into the depths of your Mind. In this extraordinary one-on-one therapy encounter, time fades away, The therapist creates a Space for you to freely unravel the tapestry of your thoughts and emotions without the constraint of time. The first session may last several hours ranging from 6 to up to 14 hours in exceptional cases, offering an uninterrupted exploration of the roots causing imbalance in your physical, mental, and energetic realms. The progress made in the first session - is sometimes equivalent to several years of work with a traditional western mental or behavioural therapist. 


Guided by Master Vidhi, the session transcends mere conversation. With profound insight, he transcends into the subconscious mind, dissecting the exact moments and factors that birthed your challenges. This unique approach propels us beyond the limitations of traditional therapy, enabling a direct confrontation with the root causes.


In the aftermath, participants embark on a transformative journey addressing these root causes, achieving what might take years elsewhere. The Transcendental Session, rooted in Eastern wisdom, bridges the mind, body, and spirit. Environmental factors, diet patterns, Ayurveda perspectives  & spiritual practice intertwine seamlessly, offering a holistic view of your existence.


Over 5 to 7 months, participants witness a metamorphosis – healing pain points, disrupting cyclic suffering, and fostering a profound transformation in physical and emotional well-being. Unlike traditional approaches, where such shifts could take decades, our methodology facilitates a swift and comprehensive resolution. Time tested practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Buddhist meditation are deployed to effectively heal problems at the level of thought and feeling. 


Embrace a life-altering experience as you cultivate calmness, clarity, and reduced stress. 98% Participants report a levitation in mood, reduction in overall stress, and a renewed  hope in the restoration of health and repetitive life patterns.


The journey extends beyond the first session. A personal, one-on-one connection with the Master Therapist guides your everyday lifestyle changes. This ongoing, passive communication ensures your progress is closely monitored, fostering a unique and profound healing journey, where you feel supported.

Experience the unparalleled impact of the Transcendental Session – a holistic, swift, and transformative mental therapy that heals the soul and transcends the ordinary.

On an average, clients work with us for a period ranging from 5 - 7 months. 

** Please note this is not Transcendental Meditation or anything closely related to it.


Who is the Therapist?

Eastern mental therapy - at its best guided by Buddhist Maestro & Yoga guide

Vidhi Chhariya stands at the forefront of mental wellness as an esteemed meditation guru and a globally known energy therapist.


His pioneering approach, which marries Eastern holistic principles with modern mental therapy, has catalyzed a paradigm shift in mental health practices, boasting a remarkable 98.3% recovery rate in less than eight months. As a venerated meditation instructor, Vidhi’s teachings have ushered in serenity for countless individuals across over 45 nations.


His life’s work is a testament to his dedication to healing and education, driven by an unwavering commitment to propagate the venerable wisdom of meditation and therapy globally. Embodying his daily mantra, Vidhi Chhariya aspires for universal well-being, echoing the timeless wish: “May all beings be happy, may all being be free from Suffering"

Much earlier in his service and journey, he realized that the western mental therapy is broken. Even though it serves as a useful tool to recognize the problem but it offers no concrete solutions or cures that can see a person returning back to Normal healthy life and get over the past years/ child hood trauma. 

More and more people who came to him - had worked with psychologist, psychotherapist, shamans, yoga teachers and after years of therapy work had only seemed to scratch the surface of their problems. They had after years in therapy - merely begin to recognize and be aware of their root issues. Despite years of being in therapy they still had no solution, no cure no hope of getting better. This led to the practice of Transcendental Session where in the first session it self the therapist - created this unlimited space for a person to unravel and open up about their life and problems. By end of session 1 - to their surprise - most people felt they had journeyed - almost the same as they had with any other therapist in several long years. However there were 2 key difference, from the end of Therapy session One, first  - they recognized all Root Factors and from day 1 itself secondly - they got guidance on how to work on each one of the root causes,  from day 1 using effective holistic tools coming from Ayurveda and Yoga. Three - Vidhi ensures to hand hold every one in this process on a day to day basis to ensure the follow up sessions are effective and meaningful.

While most top western therapists have started talking about the effectiveness of Yoga and Mindfulness in mental Health - Vidhi is one of the few ones who are experts in this subject of holistic healing. Having an in depth knowledge of Meditation, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, and Ayurveda what most western therapies find hard to resolve ( depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress ) is some of the easier to heal issues once the root cause was well known in this form of therapy . 

At any given time Vidhi chooses to work closely with no more than 25 people. Reserve a session today. Write to us to seek availability. 

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How does it work ?

Eastern Approach, Holistic, In Depth Work

During this therapy session, you connect one-on-one with the therapist via Skype. The session can last several hours, as long as needed for the therapist to understand the root causes of your challenges, such as stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, relationship issues or literally anything else that is forming a repeated pattern. We dive deep without looking at the watch. 

As you share your thoughts, guided by the therapist, he delves into your subconscious mind mentally and energetically to identify the moments and root causes behind your patterns. At the session's end, the therapist explains these root causes, how, why & when they got formed, and provides guidance on taking specific action to transform your life and increase happiness. This is where your work on the self starts. 

Follow-up sessions, scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks, include very specific action plan. The therapist follows up with you very closely and daily check-ins may be required to track progress. At every step of the way - the therapist is handholding you to make the leap into change. The action plan may involve approaches like Ayurveda, diet, Meditation, Yoga, and more to address mental, emotional, physical, and energetic well-being.

On average, participants engage in this process for no more than 5-7 months.

The Result : You start on the road to transformation faster, well quipped with powerful tools understanding the approach to be self reliable and how to reprogram your inner mental world to cause healing in the body and mind on an ongoing basis.

It is vital to understand - that at the end of session one, this is where all your work starts. You must be driven into taking discussed actions & work on healing the self. Nobody but you can walk the path. The therapist in any modality can only provide guidance but can not do the work for you. 

At 99% success rate, the 1% people who do not benefit, are the ones hoping for a miracle and do not want to put any work in their healing process. 

How is it different from Mental Therapy

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Traditional Mental Therapy (TT)

" Low Entry Cost, Ineffective, Years Spent, High over all Cost "

Traditional therapy requires you to see a therapist one on one for 1 hour weekly/monthly and the process goes on for years. This approach fails since no one can have an indepth understanding of a life time of trauma, if a therapist is sharing their attention with several patients giving each of of them 1 hour during the span of day, one after the other.

TT, requires the therapist to put you in a box , a personality type - the knowledge of which comes from limited work on the mind and books written during the last several hundred years. The study covers mostly symptoms. 

Through several 1 hour sessions, the entry cost may be low. The western approach can lead to wastage of years of your life with no concrete results except understanding and awareness of your key issues and patterns. In the end it is more expensive since you could lose the best years of your life, overcoming something that could have taken much less time. Overall cost very high. 

TT relies heavily on usage of chemical drugs and medicines in case they cant find a breakthrough. This can sometimes worsen conditions and have side effects that are unnecessary. 

Most of the times, you need to work with 2 or more therapists, yoga guides or alternative therapy in order to move forward in life. 

Today leading therapists from west have recognized the power of mindfulness, yoga , diet and meditation in changing or bending the mind patterns and how to recover from stress, trauma, depression anxiety. None of the Traditional therapists have any personal in depth experience of these Eastern modalities - in order to accelerate healing or address the root causes through Meditation, Ayurveda or Yoga.

If in doubt ask yourself - What is your time worth ? 

Transcendental Session (TS) 

" High Entry Cost, Fast Healing, Holistic Approach, Low over all Cost "

In TS - the therapist sits through every session (without any constrain of time) & helps you by creating a space for you to unburden your feelings, your experiences, your thoughts & your hidden deeper root causes. This helps the therapist see clearly how to undo and heal the body and mind. First session can be several hours, however subsequent session can last 1 or 2 hours. 

In TS, the therapist spends time in order to understand your unique framework of your subconscious mind, on information coming from your past as well as present life style, traumas, thought patterns, food, and work lifestyle. Every solution / action discussed is uniquely for you  using holistic approach. 

Here , the entry cost may seem high in the start, since all sessions are billed by the ongoing hour, however considering the average time spent in therapy is merely 5 to 7 months, you end up saving some of the best years of your life, healing and growing. Overall long term cost is much lower. You achieve more in less time. 

The therapist uses natural methods and medicines coming from Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation to address root causes of symptoms, and in long term enabling you with tools to heal yourself. No side affects except boosted morale and new found clarity.

You work with only one therapist from beginning to the end. If something can not be addressed, due guidance shall be given in such a case for another subject matter expert.

The therapist is a maestro in the eastern disciplines of Meditation, therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda, understanding the mind through Buddhist meditation , working with Chakras , Diet Food and the right spiritual approach in order to affect the overall health. Where the western science struggles to solve or heal cases of long term anxiety, mental disturbance, insomnia, these form some of the easiest topics, if root causes are well understood in Ayurveda and Yogic sciences. Master Vidhi has worked successfully with thousands of people successfully since 2008. 


Years of work, multiple therapists and yet this changed my life. I wish I had met Vidhi sooner.  - Regina G' Wald

I have worked with Ahyuasca, Shamans, Psychologist and dabbled with drugs and alternate therapist yet working with Master helped me see myself with clarity. I was able to heal the empty space inside, constant negative voice and my decade long insomnia - Walter Jerry

Years of anger and self hatred, issues with digestion, and an over active mind. I am proud to say, I have changed for the better. This session has been such an amazing insight. - Ron Paul

I met Master, during a Chakra healing session and surprisingly all his deductions about what I was holding inside of me was fair accurate. Then I worked with him in a Transcendental session and I will highly recommend it for everyone who feel stuck in their life - Jessica Canberry

Self love - how to do it, how to fix digestion, and an unstoppable reactive mind. Thanks to Master Vidhi I have discovered tools to work with all of them super effectively - Sarah Jane

What 7 therapists over a period of 3 years could not help me with, or address - one session ( a very long one ) made me rethink my priorities and attitude. If you are serious for a change, Vidhi is your man to work with. A tough therapist - but will get you the results - every single time. Supports you through and through the process and is warm and funny. Thank you - Jamie Obrien

I am from the US and I wondered if working with Vidhi may be useful given our geographical differences ( he is all over the world literally ) however working with him was amazing. Year of bad digestion fixed, and now i am in the process of adopting a new lifestyle that includes meditation and yoga everyday. Very grateful for your work - Tom Atkins


What do I need to sign up ? 

You need to get in touch with us with a date and time and what time zone you are in. Subject to availability we will allocate you this appointment with Master Vidhi. You must have a whole day free to do this session, undisturbed by family or work commitments. Please understand for us to schedule this session, we need to clear the therapist entire day with no other therapies or classes scheduled. For booking confirmation we will send you a booking link for the first two hours of the session. Once the session is over the rest needs to be paid by you - via an online invoice raised by us. 


How many hours the session will last ?

In very simple terms, we do not know. But kindly be prepared to have atleast 8 hours time at a time.  If you follow your gut and talk about yourself candidly and in a forthcoming way - chances are the therapist may be able to go deeper in order to help you better and may take much less time. 

Will I be cured after 1 long session ?
It is super important to understand that this is a Mental Therapy session and at the end of Session 1, you will need to start working on the actions discussed between you and the therapist. This is not a magical or healing activity where all your problems will go away, however based on this session all your actions items will be decided. If you do not take any action or have time to follow up - then please dont sign up for this session. There is a lot of self work involved, on which you will receive timely and proper guidance one on one from the master during the session.

Do you charge for follow up sessions ?
All sessions whether it is session one or follow up sessions are charged by the running hour. However Master likes to work closely with you and for this reason - you may be given a direct messaging access to him - to let him know your progress on a daily basis, if you agree. He may not write back to you in such instances, but he will be quietly monitoring you and if needed will provide input. This is not an instant support mechanism but only a handholding mechanism by way of which we make sure - you are heading in the positive direction. For access to the Master through messaging there is no charge but any formal session scheduled will be charged. 

What if I do not have straight 8 hours on 1 day but can manage lesser hours on several days ? 

This can work in exceptional cases - however please remember in such a case the Session one can get extended and become much longer than a usual session. In case of mothers or professions where participants can not find time we do make such exceptions. 

Do I need to do this session on empty stomach ?

We highly recommend having a big breakfast or meal before doing this session. You will always be able to take toilet and water breaks however the session is best if there is continuity and not too many breaks during the session. 

I am a therapist myself, Can I do a 2 or 3 hours session ?

A lot of clients are doctors and several times psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists themselves. However this does not mean that the process will bend to meet your qualification. You must have time on your hand in order to do this therapy. If you do not have time, we recommend not doing this session, since that will cause loss of time and energy both for you and the master therapist. Please save your time  and invest it wisely elsewhere.  


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