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Top Yoga Retreat Greece 2023

Top Yoga Meditation Retreat Greece 2024

The mind is everything. As one purifies the mind, one becomes free from all suffering 

Gautam Buddha

Top Meditation Retreat Greece

# Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Greece 

# Bookings Open | Limited Seats

For the Year of 2024

28 April - 5th May 2024

20 Oct - 27th Oct 2024

The Alchemist Retreat  

People come to this Retreat for all sorts of reasons. To heal the past, to heal the body, to move on , to find that inner joy, find the inner balance and sometimes to find meaning of life among others. 

Our legacy - Transforming lives burdened by stress, anxiety, soul searching, past trauma into stories of joy and inner happiness. Rated among the top retreats worldwide - there isn't quite a program such as this,  thats led by an indian teacher and therapist. 
Meditation Class at Yoga Retreat Greece

Essential life program , with roots in meditation

What is it ? 

50 hour award winning Life Program

The Alchemist is a rare award-winning life program that provides you the opportunity to search for the root of your life problems and helps you gently find your path going ahead in life, using tools coming from Buddha. This program is conducted especially in micro-groups of up to 6-10 participants.  

It is the only 50-hour Yoga retreat in the world, that actively combines Buddhist meditation, with the active healing practice of yogic postures, understanding Chakras, and learning Chakra healing. Every day it helps participants understand the self and shed away layers of suffering pain and insecurity, resulting in what we know as the awakening of inner Buddha. Rated amongst the best yoga meditation retreats in Greece in 2022 as well as for several years in different categories such as Best Mindfulness Retreats, Best Yoga Meditation Retreats Worldwide, Best International Yoga Retreat, and Top Yoga Retreats in Europe.

We try and handpick the most calm and impeccable settings. 

Who is it for ?

Awaken your Inner Buddha 



Every path requires a certain readiness of life experiences. A maturity to face the self. This program works beautifully for those who have known suffering, loss, pain, insecurity, have been lost and yet found themselves, in strength and belief that comes from within. One who is seeking answers and method for reducing the suffering on the self. For those seeking meditation this is rated as best Mindfulness Retreats in Greece & Europe.


For all men & women, seeking a spiritual path, a meditation through which they can lead themselves into a safe space of strength, tranquility, and healing. For teachers therapists, seeking to strengthen their meditation. Those seeking to understand spinal strengthening, back pain and more flexibility in their body and Chakra healing. Seeking a no-nonsense logic-based spiritual path, that can help you get through every chaos in life. 


Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga _Yoga Retreat Greece

"A Yoga retreat is not a spiritual novelty

but a powerful aid to diving inside the ocean of one's own being. Fully embrace the opportunity. This is your chance"

- Mooji

Can Couples Join?

Fill your home with Peace & Love


When two partners coliving together join such a powerful program, and work on themselves on understanding their own inner nature and how to practice compassion and forgiveness then there is bound to be greater harmony at home and peace in all spheres of life and home. 


The practice of Buddhist meditation, combined with daily Yoga practice & techniques such as Chakra healing are special tools for couples to heal each other, integrate yoga thinking & practice into daily life, and cultivate greater harmony through mindfulness, self-inquiry, and Buddhist meditation. 

All couples who have attended the retreat together have reported greater levels of harmony at home, lower levels of stress, and greater understanding/support from their partners. 

Partners who are at Peace with themselves can also contribute to the Growth and Harmony of their loved ones.    

Top Couples Retreat 2023

Contribute to the growth of Each Other

Iyenagar Yoga Retreat Greece 2021

There is no other program, like this. 

Take Away

A Happier Refreshed version of You

Re-align your Spine using therapeutic Yogic Tools to manage back pain, and enhance flexibility and misaligned hips. 


Master the wind element through Breath yoga to remove Insomnia, Anxiety, and Panic attacks. 

Learn Chakra healing therapy - Heal using the concept of aura, chakras, and energy healing.

Get Bonus knowledge of the life hacks of Ayurveda to resolve 70% of diseases. 

Experience a renewed food & diet plan that will reboot your health in everyday life. 

Learn a simple Buddhist meditation to stop suffering & release past baggage. 

Learn to Awaken your Inner Buddha 

Understand your path - moving forward in Life - incorporating spiritual practices in daily life. 

Experience the Best Yoga Retreat in Greece

50 hrs Certificate of Yoga learning / Chakra Healing 

Beat Stress, Burn Out and experience the ultimate growth break from daily life. 

Rejuvenate & Start afresh in life. 

Food & Diet

Healthy Gut, Light Body, Focused Mind

A big part of attaining any progress in the field of yoga is to understand and alter the how when and what we eat as food. The gut is our second mind and all diseases of the body start with the gut. 

At the Alchemist Retreat, we take special care of your diet and your meals in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda that help us achieve better health and an active and focused mind. 

Ayurveda explains the principle of digestive fire and its optimization during the day. In alignment with these principles, we serve meals only twice a day - which ensures optimum digestion of food, proper absorption, and rebalancing of the inner functioning of the body. Modern science has labeled this wisdom as Intermittent Fasting and come to the conclusion that it is super healthy for the body. 

An expert chef leads the food aspect of the program - with a prior experience in Ayurveda principles and preparing fresh vegetarian meals to aid the yogic process of working on mind and body. 

No kinds of Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Drugs, Smoking, or Alcohol are allowed on the premises during the retreat. 

Top Yoga Retreat Greece

Reprogramming the Diet leads to better physical & mental health. 

Yoga und meditation


Master Vidhi will be leading the entire program, from early morning Buddhist meditation to therapeutic Asana practice to delving deep into the understanding of the philosophy of  Ayurveda, Yoga, and Chakra Healing.

A top-notch therapist, very few in the world can unfold the subjects of meditation, mind, yoga, and therapy like Master does, owing to his decades-long personal experience on the subjects he works with. 

During the retreat period, participants can schedule 1-on-1 transcendental therapy, massage therapy, or chakra healing session with the master. 



For every retreat we invite expert chefs who have an experience of working on veg ad vegan meals and an enthusiasm for creating delightful fresh meals that are  nutrient rich and aligns with the basic principles of Ayurveda. 


Diet is a big part of any personal transformation.


All food served during the retreat is prepared fresh and meticulously designed keeping the demands of healthy living and yoga in mind during the retreat period. 


“I hated it, I loved it. At end, I wish it could have gone into 2nd week. I experienced a lifetime of releasing anger, shame, pain, and realizing the power of mind and healing. No words to describe. Thank you Master"


—  Julia Schmidt

Daily Schedule Yoga Retreat Greece


0430 hrs  Wake Up

0445  hrs  Morning Herbal Tea

0500 hrs  Morning Meditation ( 90 min ) 

0630 hrs  Morning Yogic Postures ( 90 min ) 

0800 hrs Breakfast 

0830 - 1130 Break / schedule therapies / nature

1130 hrs Meditation ( 60 min ) 

1230 hrs Classes on Chakras / Yoga / Healing 

1500 hrs Yoga Meditation Session ( 120 mins ) 

1700 hrs - Dinner 

1745  hrs - Break , Beach visit , therapies 


2030 hrs  Questions

2100 hrs  Self Meditation & Retire to Bed

50 hours Week
8 hrs per day

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Pranayama at Yoga Retreat Greece


3600 Euros / Single Occupancy ( 8 Days, 7 Nights ) 


Single Sea Facing Room

All Meals ( Veg - Vegan ) Freshly cooked 

Alchemist Program rated top Yoga Retreat 2023

Bonus Module on Ayurveda

Chakra Healing Therapy training

Mastering Breath Work & Meditation 

3400 Euros / Shared Room ( 8 Days, 7 Nights ) 

Dual Shared Sea Facing Room

All Meals ( Veg - Vegan ) Freshly cooked 

Entire Training Program

Bonus Module on Ayurveda

Chakra Healing Therapy training

Find yourself Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga
Buddhist Meditation Retreat Greece 2021


May be arranged on Demand 


Taxi to/from Retreat Space

1 on 1 Therapy ( can be scheduled onsite ) 

Any meals outside of the Retreat premises

Island activities

**All therapies are 100 Euros/ongoing hour

Available to Buy *

For additional 600 Euros 

4 Hours Transcendental Session with Master 

6 Follow Up exclusive emails within 6 months

2 hours follow up 1 on 1 session

One Chakra healing therapy by Master

* Must be bought before the beginning of the retreat

Online Consultation

Paid  Consultation 

Still making up - Your mind ?

We understand , you may have questions about the program and you may find it important to speak with the teacher - in regards to your spiritual journey. If that is the case, we encourage you to schedule a paid 60 minutes consultation with our lead teacher who will be conducting this retreat. 

Available to Buy *

For additional 100 Euros / hour
Online shopping

Reaching there 

The retreat location is on the beautiful islands of Lefkada touted as one of the least touristy and most beautiful islands with mostly mountain and sea terrain. We highly advise hiring a car ( a powerful one ) that can get you going up and down without breaking a sweat. We recommend for checking best offers on cars.Most cars have insurance built in - so you do not need any additional insurance, despite whatever the car company says. . Please ensure you have a valid international driving license for driving in Greece. In case you don't like driving, you can send us an enquiry for pick up and drop service. 

How to Reach: Nearest Airport - Preveza Aktion Airport ( Code PVK ) - 60 km away. Hereafter you can hire car from right outside the airport or online using Preveza as a pickup point. Easiest access to this airport is from London or Germany. Otherwise use Athens as a fly in and out point. 

Kindly use Google and simply put the destination as Villa Pisti, Lefkada . Please note THIS IS NOT THE PROPERTY. This is next to the retreat property which is Villa Elpida ( which is not on Google ). The exact coordinates that you can use on Google Maps are (38.6191757, 20.6931781) and take the Google route on the map. 

If flights to Preveza are not possible then two other options are flying into Corfu, crossing the sea using the ferry and hire a car from Igoumenitsa for a week to come to Lefkada 152 km ( 2 hrs 30 mins ) or Athens and take the bus from there to Lefkada and hire a car from Lefkada. You can alternatively also drive from Athens. It is a 400 km drive that takes approximately 4.5 hours with multiple tolls on the way.  

Teachers Vision

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