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Chakra Healing

Powerful , diagnostic energy healing 


Whatever exists in the physical body, exists in the energy body. Once the energy body is cleansed - the physical body starts healing. 

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What is it ?

An advanced form of energy healing including diagnosis, Aura reading and cleansing of Chakras . Much more advance version of Reiki.

Chakra Healing is an advanced form of diagnostic energy healing that works on the subtle energy body of a human being, by first understanding and reading the aura and then going deep into reading individual energy centers (chakras)  to understand if they are working optimally, they are depleted or they are congested.  


In case a Chakra is depleted on energy the healer then cleans and re energizes the energy center, however if the Chakra is congested or has excess energy that might be blocking the flow of energy – then in such a case the healer cleans and clears the congested energy, then re-energizes and rebalances the chakra to it optimal state.

At Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga we also teach certificate courses on Chakra Healing Level 1, 2 and 3. 

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How is it different from Reiki?

While Reiki is merely Passing Energy to chakras, Chakra Healing is a diagnostic in depth Process of healing the Aura as well as Chakras. 

Reiki is a healing technique that channels life energy into the seven primary chakras of the human body through touch. However, its scope is somewhat limited as it does not involve any diagnostic process and only addresses these seven energy centers.

Reiki operates on the premise that merely channeling energy into these centers can restore their balance. In contrast, traditional healing methods emphasize the importance of first diagnosing whether a chakra is depleted or congested, and then taking appropriate action. This approach is more meticulous and precise, as the healer is fully aware of the condition they are addressing, how to channel energy, and how to seal it with a protective field for the recipient.

A chakra healer can delve deeper, identifying root causes embedded in the recipient’s mental and physical body, and provide guidance on maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Chakra healing, akin to a doctor’s approach, involves working with nearly 17 energy centers. This includes the seven universally recognized energy centers addressed in Reiki and Yoga, but also extends to secondary and minor energy centers or chakras.

To illustrate, consider the scenario of having a physical wound. You could visit a clinic where a nurse would simply dress your wound, much like Reiki. Alternatively, you could consult a doctor who would examine the wound, understand its nature and root causes, clean and dress the wound, and prescribe medication to expedite healing.

In Reiki, the healer transfers their own energy to the recipient. However, in Chakra Healing, the healer primarily acts as a conduit for Universal energy. The healer first purifies themselves before channeling this universal chi or energy into your centers. This ensures that the therapist remains unaffected, never depleting their energy or feeling exhausted during the healing process. In fact, they may become more energized while healing another person.

While Reiki necessitates physical touch by the healer, Chakra healing is a non touch therapy even when done in person. Its a much more advanced version of Reiki. 

How many sessions do I need?

Actually, there is no way for a therapist to tell right away before healing , as to how many sessions, you may  need. In any one session, the therapist will be able to heal and rebalance the energy centers. However , in specific cases of  long term trauma, blockages in the root chakra that may be several decades old, multiple therapy sessions ranging from  2 – 5 maybe needed in quick succession of 15 - 45 days. At other times you may need to go through a deeper mental therapy session.


For example : In case you have a leaking tap – and you call a plumber – imagine the plumber comes and cleans up the entire pool of water – this is what a Chakra healing session does in one sitting. However, if you want the tap to get fixed then it would require several cleaning sessions or actually working on fixing the tap ( by working on root causes) that are existing within the subconscious mind that regulates the energy centers of the body. This is known as a Transcendental session.


This is a deeper diagnostic session ( eastern mental therapy ) that helps  you identify your blockages, its root causes, when, how and why they got formed – and going ahead how can you un-do the root causes to gain more balanced physical, mental and energy body. Here the first session unlike most western therapy can last several hours but presents results and diagnoses which in western mental therapy could take you years to even realize. After the root causes are understood the therapist helps you with specific action plan on how to work with your food, diet, thoughts, lifestyle in order to rebalance yourself and emerge from the low energy state which may have been affecting you over a long period of time.


Within an average span of 5-7 months, 98.2% clients resolve 80% of their primary issues, experience happiness, freedom and get very concrete results and tools to work ahead in life.  

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What should I feel during the process?

A deep healing experience 

During the healing process, you typically find yourself seated comfortably on a wooden stool or chair. The therapist then proceeds to scan your aura and energy centers, healing them sequentially.


There isn’t a universal response to how one should feel during the healing process. However, a common observation reported by most recipients is a feeling of drowsiness. It’s as if their body is becoming heavy, relaxed, and a wave of sleepiness washes over them. If this occurs, it’s generally a positive indication that energy is flowing into your energy centers, and your body is healing and relaxing.

In addition to this, there’s a broad spectrum of experiences that individuals may encounter. These can range from various sensations and images to no noticeable experiences at all. None of these responses are superior or inferior; they simply reflect how you personally respond to energy work.

The real affects of the session are felt within 48 hours of the session. 


One Chakra Healing session with Master Vidhi, left me super energized and happy. Highly recommend  - Sarah J 

Such an amazing experience. Non touch and yet you can experience so much energy. Past emotions came flooding but in the end I was in a pool of clarity, relaxation and infinite energy. Thank you  - James W Earl

Master Vidhi is so accurate. He does not ask anything and yet by end of the Chakra session, he can so accurately tell you your state of mind emotions and body that its almost like he can see into your soul. His energy is powerful - Reddick T 

I met Master, during a Chakra healing session and surprisingly all his deductions about what I was holding inside of me was fairly accurate. Then I worked with him in a Transcendental session and I will highly recommend it for everyone who feel stuck in their life - Jessica Canberry

This is one session that is so hard to describe - that I recommend doing it just for experiencing something like this. I could feel such heat and energy in my body - Peter Kesler



What do I feel after the session?

Most clients would feel highly relaxed and energized after a session of Charka healing. In 5% cases where the body might have been processing very old trauma, or the mind is super active the person can experience exhaustion, relaxed state of body for the next 24 to 48 hours.


Whatever exists in the physical body exists in the energy body as well. When a therapist removes blockages from the energy body that have existed for long period of time, the physical body may get confused and may take some time to catch up with the change in energy field. This time that the body takes to resonate with the new energy field is called “Lag Time”. The lag time for various individuals can vary from a few minutes to a couple of days. During this time to feel very tired, sleepy or thirsty is totally normal. Your body is catching up.


It is always advisable to keep in touch with the therapist during this period of time.


97.4 % of clients have experienced a deep sense of rejuvenation, sense of clarity at the level of mind, feeling more super relaxed , happy and a rebooted sense of energy.

What are energy centers really?

Chakras, or energy centers, are metaphysical (electromagnetic) hubs within our body that manage and regulate energy across our physical, mental, and energetic bodies. Each energy center, or chakra, has physical and psychological effects on an individual, depending on its functionality.

The regulation of Chakra energy is heavily influenced by a person’s past experiences, lifestyle choices (including diet, hydration, substance use, work, exercise, and self-care), and the low-frequency emotions they harbor within their body, such as anger, trauma, fear, insecurities, hatred, self-perception, addiction, and so on.

Each energy center impacts the individual at both the physical and emotional levels, or at the subconscious psychological level.

For instance:

  • Issues related to low self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-criticism can be traced to energy blockages in the Manipura Chakra.

  • Conditions like depression, anxiety, and insomnia may be managed by the three main energy centers, ranging from the Crown to the Third Eye Chakra.

  • Irregular menstrual cycles, creative expression difficulties, sexual inhibitions, excessive or lack of sexual desire, and prostate issues may be regulated by the Sex Chakra or Swadhistan Chakra.

  • A lack of stability in life, whether it pertains to home, job, or finances, is primarily driven by the Root Chakra, which can also serve as an indicator of your relationship with your parents, siblings, and so on.

How can a healer read my chakras?

In Chakra healing, practitioners are trained to physically perceive the Aura using their palms. This allows them to gauge the size of an individual’s aura.

The healing process begins with the healer measuring the recipient’s Aura to estimate its extension from the body. Typically, an Aura can range from 20 cm to 35 cm. During the energy center scan, the healer assesses the size of the Chakra in relation to the Aura.

a. If the Chakra is the same size as the Aura, it indicates that the Chakra is balanced. b. If the Chakra size is smaller than the Aura, it suggests that the Chakra is energy-depleted. The appropriate action is to cleanse, re-energize, and rebalance the Chakra. c. If the Chakra size is larger than the Aura, it implies that the Chakra is blocked or congested. The necessary action is to remove the congestion, re-energize, and rebalance the Chakra.

In this context, the exact measurements are less important than understanding whether the Chakra is larger, the same size, or smaller compared to the Aura

How many Chakras are there?

While the yoga community and Reiki healers talk only about 7 Primary centers or Chakras, in reality there are many energy centers all over the body. These are classified as Primary , Secondary and Minor Chakras. In Chakra Healing we consciously work with 17 energy centers.


Examples of Primary Charkas are Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Root Chakra

Examples of Secondary Chakras are Forehead Chakra, Back Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Examples of minor Chakras are Jaw Chakra, Liver chakra, Spleen chakra


Is Chakra healing useful if I have no physical problems?

Chakra Healing is not a modality that is useful only for people suffering from some illness or some physical diseases. Every once in a while, everyone’s energy centers can get congested or depleted depending on what you are encountering in your life, be it stress, change of whether, hectic lifestyle or pressure from family, peers or work.


A Chakra healing session owing to its diagnostic nature can bring “high levels of awareness” of what may be going wrong in our energy system and how can I prevent a bigger imbalance in the body and life by understanding my trauma and blocked energy and work on becoming the best version of myself.


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