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We got kicked out from this temple becau

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"May all beings be free of Suffering, May all beings be Happy" 

Looking for offerings in your city? Just write us an email or whatsapp and we will get back to you with the availability of services in your city. Whether it is a query, booking an online session, booking The Alchemist Retreat, online class, online therapy or Yoga/Meditation related class or workshop, kindly write to us and we will get back to you asap. Whether you are in India or Europe WE PREFER WHATSAPP OVER PHONE CALL.  Please text us directly on whatsapp +919891002141. You can also use other apps such as Telegram or Signal. Please note that we may not pick up your call, since we are in workshops or therapies but will respond to you quickest by whatsapp text.

Thanks for submitting your query or thoughts. We will get back to you soon! Until then if you need our immediate attention, we will request you to reach out to us on whatsapp +919891002141

Tel ( kindly use Whatsapp ) : +91 989-100-2141 

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Headquarters : New Delhi, India 

Global program locations include Austria, Romania, Greece, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Tunisia and more

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