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Chakras / Do they even Exist?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

There is a lot of conversation around - what exactly are Chakras, do they really exist ? If they exist what do they do? Are they important? Can we physically see the Chakras inside or outside of the body? To simplify this whole subject we will start with the basic understanding of the human body in the eastern traditions that modern science yet does not take into consideration. Think of Human Body as an electromagnetic field. We all are moving electronic magnetic bodies where both electricity and magnetic fields are present within and around our physical self. This is the reason why we feel sexual energy in the presence of certain individuals that we are attracted to or we feel repulsion in the presence of others.

Sexual chemistry, repulsion or hatred, or attraction are the grossest forms of this electromagnetic energy that we are able to recognize in presence of other human bodies around us. In reality, there are many other forms of existence of this energy that we are yet not aware of.

Aura - The aura of a person, is nothing more than the sum total of the electro magnetic energy being conducted by a human body and this envelops the body of a person.

The aura works like an energy shield or a protection field that keeps our emotions and energies separate from every other organism that is around is. Chakras - These are electromagnetic centers of energy through which energy in the body of a person is regulated and channeled for the purpose of optimal functioning of the physical body, mental and emotional body.

Every Chakra has a specific purpose that affects us physically, emotionally, psychologically as well as mentally. This is when we are unwell, it is usually a disturbance of the flow of energy within our centers of energy and using this information - most healers use Reiki or Chakra Healing to gather information about the non-functioning centers and pass energy to the affected center and bringing its energy back to optimum. Difference between Reiki and Chakra Healing In Reiki, the energy healers conduct their own energy or of an external source into the body of the receiver without any pre-diagnosis of what the problem may be or where they must focus while transferring energy to the Chakras. Reiki employs the use of 7 Major Chakras namely Crown Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Navel Chakra, Sex Chakra, and Root Chakra. Chakra Healing is. an advanced system of healing that first focuses on scanning the aura of a human body, understanding and scanning each chakra - here as shown in the diagram we utilize almost 17 energy centers both minor and major chakras in order to understand the flow of energy, congestion of energy and healing the same. As illustrated these are Crown Chakra, Forehead Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Front Heart Chakra, Front Solar Plexus Chakra, Navel Point Chakra, Sex Chakra, Front Spleen Chakra, Front Liver, and Side Liver Chakras while on the backside we work with Back Heart Chakra, Back Solar Plexus Chakra, Meng Mein Chakra, Back Liver chakra, Back Spleen Chakra as well as the Root Chakra.

As we go through the diagram, we understand that every energy center has a profound effect on our emotional, mental and physical bodies. The work of a healer in Chakra Healing is to first scan the aura, then the chakras, determine which Chakra is ( congested, balanced or under energised ). This can be done by seeing if the size of the Chakra is bigger than the Aura or lesser than the Aura. If the Chakra is bigger than the size of Aura then the Chakra is congested with negative emotions energy or entity. However, if the Chakra is the same size as the Aura, it is functioning optimally. If however, the Chakra size is lesser than the Aura, then this is an indication that the Chakra is under-energized and needs pranic energy to bring it to make to an optimal state. P.S. Chakras are never blocked, as is the popular opinion in the Kundalini Yoga world. They are not pipes that are blocked. They are electromagnetic centers of energy that conduct electric and magnetic fields of energy. If a Chakra is congested, the electromagnetic field will be full of dirty or diseased energy and will affect the functioning of the Chakra. Can Chakras be seen ? Do they really exist ? Yes to both of the above questions. However Chakras can not be seen through naked eyes. Modern science has been in the recent decades really catching up with what the Yogis have revealed about the human body. There do exist now electromagnetic machines, which can scan chakras and aura of a human body and can give you pretty accurate representation on a piece of paper or diagram on how the Chakras are functioning. In some of our workshops, where we teach on how to scan the Chakras using our physical hands we explored pretty accurate readings coming from a machine that does aura and chakra scanning, for the same subject. In some of our next blogs we will understand what do the chakras do, and how do they affect our mental, emotional and physical frame of body. Stay tuned for more.

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