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Do you need a "Vacation" from vacation

Even though most people do not consider going on a vacation as an exhausting activity, yet more and more people have started reporting travel exhaustion, where after their travel they feel the need to take a break. This can be attributed to many causes including jet lag, changing of time zones but primarily excessive binging on food and alcohol or having a vacation where one did not plan any health-related mindful activities.

Most people think of travel just as a fun escape from the daily 9-to-5 routine. But guess what? A fresh perspective is shaking things up. Therapists are now seeing Travel as a way to heal both body & mind. It’s no longer just about getting away from the grind of life to endless evenings of partying and drinking. Instead, it's proving to be a crucial tool for healing and finding new outlooks on life.

When you travel, you can try things like meditation yoga retreats, eastern mental therapy session for tourists, soothing massages, treatments like Reiki or even more advanced therapies such as Chakra healing therapy or several other unique treatments that aren't always around in your everyday life.

On the plus side, traveling lets you visit some of the world’s best yoga spots. Places like Lefkada Greece, Zurich, Ticino in Switzerland, New York City, Kerala, Meditation Center Switzerland where the Alchemist Retreat by Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga or Buddhist meditation retreats for tourists really help in centering yourself and find that inner balance and peace. This combined with other engaging activities —such as hiking, climbing, back pain yoga therapy, sauna, swimming in beautiful blue seas, paragliding, and camping out in nature. Oh! And going to cool events like Burning Man ( spiritual gathering in Nevada desert ), Luxury Yoga Retreats Switzerland, Reiki Retreats Zurich, Meditation Retreats New York or a local music, food or dance festival is always a bonus. These kinds of trips can totally change your view of things.

plan for beautiful things

In recent times, therapists and well-known teachers from India are hosting retreats, around the world that help participants relax deeply, eat better, shed some pounds (if they want!), clear their minds, shake off anxiety and handle everyday mental stress and panic attacks easier than before. Topics ranging from Buddhist Meditation to Tantra Retreat for couples, to Yoga Retreats for Back Pain , Silent Retreat in Switzerland, Buddhist Retreats in New York, Alchemist Meditation Retreat in Greece are becoming quite popular.

These retreats also teach you how nutrition can impact your mental health. Top Yoga Retreats in Greece,  dish up yummy vegetarian or vegan meals timed just right according to Ayurvedic principles. Add in daily yoga, Buddhist meditation classes, optional eastern mental therapy sessions, chakra healing sessions and you're basically laying down the groundwork for a whole new way to live. Once a curious participant asked “When can I go back to a normal life” and the master responded “Ask yourself what brought you here – in the first place?”

In award-winning yoga retreats like these, you learn to redefine your "new normal" into a healthier and more growth-oriented lifestyle, shedding toxic habits and eliminating the burdens of lifestyle diseases.


Travel shakes up our regular stressy routines by introducing us to new people, places, & experiences. It can expand our minds while helping us handle new challenges—it's all about relaxation and personal growth.

Diving into new cultures makes us more open and accepting. Hanging out in nature refreshes our body clocks,letting our nervous system unwind and let go of built-up stress. Learning how to breathe right while on the road can also keep your mind calm & your body relaxed.

Going on a trip on your own? It might push you into uncomfortable situations which is actually pretty great for growth! It builds confidence because you learn how to handle new places and cultures all by yourself. This helps with unexpected problems and lessens fear of new things—which can often lead food more anxiety or panic attacks in some folks.

Mindful travel matters too—it means really connecting with every single experience fully. Paying attention to what’s happening inside when you’re doing something as simple as eating at a local spot or taking a train ride boosts emotional stability and self-confidence big time!

Also, trying different therapies while traveling (like Eastern mental therapies or Reiki) opens doors to healing opportunities that might not exist back home. These experiences can dig deep into the root causes of whatever is bugging you mentally or physically & help sketch out plans that transform lives.

Mixing travel with a bit of Eastern mental therapy can totally change your view on personal issues. It’s kinda like diving deep into the sea of your mind. You get to explore those hidden nooks - subconscious patterns, habits, & past traumas - to really understand and tackle the root of what's bugging you.

Take for example a transcendental session; a pretty popular mental therapy for tourists. Believe it or not, this type of therapy can offer amazing insights. Since the session can last up to 10 hours sometimes you can end up getting clarity and much needed purpose to your healing journey. People often walk out with transformative action plan on how to work with anxiety, trauma, panic attacks that bring about BIG changes, that has lasting affects.

Even when you’re back home, keepin

g up with therapy remotely via online mental therapy session - still works wonders. The therapists you meet often offer mental therapy sessions online for the purpose of follow ups. This keeps the healing going and helps you grow even more. Almost 98.3 % of people who engage in these sessions get definitive results in less than 8 months.

Travel isn’t just about hitting up tourist spots or snapping pics. It’s about creating moments that deeply affect us, and these travel-based therapy sessions give powerful insights that stick with us long after we come back home.

Picking trips with a therapeutic twist helps dodge that typical ‘need-a-vacation-from-my-vacation’ feeling.

By fully engaging during these healing travels we end up rejuvenated instead of drained—ready to jump back into daily life with fresh energy & purpose!

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