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Saving the Cow - is a Must

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

What is Love, if it can not help other living beings around us ?

On a beautiful January afternoon in 2021, in a beach village in Goa, we came across this beautiful calf on the beach that was badly injured near its tail and the crows seemed to be feasting on its fresh flesh while it was running from here to there. A lot many people had seen it but not really done anything except commenting on the situation. Once we set our mind on it, and decided to help the baby calf ( later renamed to Bambi ), we found it to be an extremely difficult task. Bambi ran away as fast as she could first on the beach sand and then into the by-lanes of the village, finally we could corner her in its home shelter where her mother was grazing.

We still needed to capture it to bring it to the nearest civil hospital , where someone would treat her almost 2 inch deep wound all bad and infected by flies, and eaten by birds. This was quite a task but finally with a little help from our friends on the beach, we hired a taxi and headed to the government hospital. An hour later all patched and wounded up , we were told the point of injury was such that no bandage could stay put for more than a few minutes so we need to keep the wound open and keep dressing her wound twice a day. This sounded quite not what we had expected. Very unsure of what our limitations were as travelers, we decided to take care of the calf and in a weeks time we found it healing rapidly. We of course had to find a rope and a neck belt for us to tie it, so that it would not disappear by itself.

The best part of this whole episode was that Bambi somehow started recognising us and also understanding how we were trying to help her. Her fear of our presence disappeared and most often whenever we went to change her dressing or even feed her, we found her licking us out of love.

Today Bambi is all grown up and can hardly be recognized, barring a little mark which is the sign of a wound that once was.

In the moment, this whole episode seemed so much of a task, so much effort. But as it unravelled itself, the pleasure of being useful to a mute being was just something that can not be described in words.

Yoga is the union of our inner consciousness with the ever present higher forces of the Universe and yet what is this higher energy , if not present in every particle being and animal present around us. This helping and wishing of betterment healing of everyone is but a wish for us to heal inside out.

May all beings be free from Suffering , May all beings be Happy :)

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